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Give the hunt a chance to start! This hunting games website was found for all online hunting fans. Here you can play and enjoy a broad range of web-based shooting games. Test how great you are at hunting rifles, how quick reflexes you got and how quickly you can reload ammunition.

Shoot at the various creatures like ducks, bears, deer, turkeys, rabbits or even giraffes in challenging areas like African savanna or Siberian tundra!

You will be able to enjoy the latest hunting games at as we already figured out what hunting games are most popular among the online gamers. There are duck hunting games, 3D hunting, deer hunting shooting games, bow hunting, and other cool animal hunting games available.

On this site you can play these amazing online hunting games without spending a penny; also no registration or installation is required to start playing these games. Just select the desired game and click to start the games instantly.

You will have great fun playing these games. In the event that you get back home tired from school or work, and you need some high quality, challenging and enjoyable hunting games, then this is the right site you have landed on.

You will undoubtedly enjoy the stunning effects of nature around you while playing these flash games. Each and every free online hunting game on this site is unique in its own particular manner, and each of them will undoubtedly please you and excite you.

We hope you will stay with us and will encourage us to offer you a lot of great games later on! Enjoy the best, most renowned and most played web-based hunting games with amazing graphics, sound effects, animation and music that will take your breath away!


 1. Abutu The Hunter

abutu-the-hunter-1 abutu-the-hunter-3

Play the role of an African hunter and hunt the maximum possible birds to feed the people of your tribe. Prove your capability and expertise as a real African hunter by shooting the highest amount of birds. It’s a great game to practice and improve your reflexes and hunting skills.

Certainly, you are going to enjoy and appreciate the background African nature in this game, and the animal kingdom will amaze you as well.

Try your best to earn the highest score. Have a great fun!

 2. Hunting Contest

hunting-contest-1 hunting-contest-2

The season of the Hunting Contest has started! So, let’s go for a wild, bloody hunting! Grab your gun and set for hunting.

Your task is – killing as many animals as possible to achieve the best score. There is a vast collection of weapons, choose the best ones for you. You can alter the weapon anytime you want.

Try to avoid shooting human targets as it will eliminate the stars. Enjoy an exciting web-based hunting game.

 3. Duck Hunt

duck-hunt-1 duck-hunt-2

Can you recall the classic NES game? Do you remember the most played and favorite hunting game in which you accompanied by your dog head for the hunting? That simple game where all you need to do is – shooting the highest number of ducks.

This duck hunt game is the remake of that game. You will shoot down the ducks, and your dog will find and pick up those ducks. The more ducks you kill, the more points you earn.

You will be provided with altogether 25 ammo to shoot down the ducks. So, you better use them very wisely and always try not to miss a single shot. You must be very fast in shooting down those ducks as they fly very swiftly in several different directions. Give your best shot and use every bullet much more carefully.

Figure out how strong are your hunting skills and enjoy playing this incredible game. Now it is the time for duck hunting season.

 4. Hunt or Die

hunt-or-die-1 hunt-or-die-2

Play the game as a prehistoric hunter. Your task is pretty simple – you have to try to survive from the beasts that want to feed on you. And so hunt them down before they hunt you.

Use your bow and arrows to kill the beasts. In this game, there is an excellent opportunity to explore a very surprising and challenging world that is full of many unknown threats.

Thus, you have to collect several achievements to upgrade yourself in order to get prepared to defeat the ultimate monstrous world boss. At last, this ultimate powerful monster will determine your fate – whether you hunt or die.

You will earn rewards as soon as you hunt down a beast. Start hunting with killing small creatures, like – rabbits. And then head for the bigger and more dangerous animals.

 5. Bow Hunting

bow-hunting-1 bow-hunting-2

It’s a quite easy and fascinating arrow shooting game. Before the time expires, you need to shoot the highest number of birds to earn the maximum score.

You may challenge your best buddies to beat your highest score.

 6. Hunters World

hunters-world-1 hunters-world-2

Your mission is to achieve the highest score by hunting down the maximum possible animals using a limited amount of ammo. You have to show your patience, accuracy and above all hunting skills in this game.

Shooting down the farthest animal will bring more points for you. So, get steady and focus on your prey. Once a targeted animal gets spooked, it will run away or may even attack you. Watch out for the bears and protect yourself using a knife.

 7. Bear Killer

bear-killer-1 bear-killer-2

The forest has been filled with a lot of dangerous bears. You are an experienced and expert bear hunter. So, now your task is to hunt down all these bears anyhow and at any cost.

Load the gun and shoot down all the bears. Time to time, you may have to change your techniques to hunt down all the bears in a level, since the bears tend to hide behind walls.

There are altogether 24 challenging and exciting levels in this awesome bear hunting game. To control the target and to shoot the bears, you have to use the mouse. The remaining bullets will be shown on the top of the computer screen.

And time to time, remember to observe your score, as there is a timer added into the scoreboard which is counting your remaining time.

 8. Duck Hunter Riverside

duck-hunter-riverside-1 duck-hunter-riverside-2

Welcome to the world of Duck Hunter Riverside! Your aim will be shooting the maximum possible ducks quite quickly and very precisely.

Shoot as many ducks as you can, be fast, precise and persistent. Present your swiftness and prove your expertise.

 9. Duck Shooter

duck-shooter-1 duck-shooter-2

It doesn’t matter whether you are a new and inexperienced hunter or an expert hunter with Eagle eye vision, you are going to enjoy this game a lot.

There are 20 levels altogether in this fabulous hunting game, and each level is much tougher than the previous one. So, you have to be more persistent to reach the end of the game.

Remember, at the moment you hit the first duck, the other ducks will just start flying, and it will be complicated for you to aim precisely. Therefore, you have to shoot first to hunt down the next duck before all the ducks fly away.

10. Bag a Monster Buck

bag-monster-buck-1 bag-monster-buck-2

In this game, your mission will be hunting and killing monster bucks and deer from several states across the USA.

So, don’t waste time, load the gun and start the deer hunt. You have to start hunting from Texas, and you can go as far as you want.

Find out the monster buck and kill them. It will take two shots to kill them, but you will earn more points for hunting them.

 11. Supreme Deer Hunting

supreme-deer-hunting-2 supreme-deer-hunting-1

It’s the season of Supreme Deer hunting. So, just grab your weapon and start deer hunting. Be calm and wait quietly for your prey in the woods.

It won’t be so tough to aim to the animals as they will move quite slowly. Just ensure that your every shot hit their heads. Thus, you will be able to win the highest points.

You are free to upgrade your stuff after completing each and every round.

 12. Duck Hunter Autumn Forest

duck-hunter-autumn-forest-1 duck-hunter-autumn-forest-2

Your mission will be shooting down as many ducks as you can in order to win the maximum points.

You will get extra time from the blue watch. Red will reduce your time. And you will earn bonus points from the star.

So, get ready to prove your awesome hunting skills and abilities in this fantastic hunting game.

 13. Turkey Shooter 3D

turkey-shooter-3d-2 turkey-shooter-3d-3

In this fabulous hunting game, all you need to do is – hunting turkey. You need to try to shoot all the birds in all of the 8 levels.

You will be provided with a different number of turkeys and difficulties in each of the 8 levels. The game ends when you miss the game 5 times at a stretch.

 14. Duck Shoot

duck-shoot-2 duck-shoot-3

Let’s start playing this fantastic web-based duck hunting game. You have to pass three different levels to reach the end of this game.

The game gets harder as the level increases. But, don’t worry, it’s a quite simple and easy hunting game. All you need to do is – shooting the maximum number of ducks within just 90 seconds.

 15. Bow Hunter Target Challenge

bow-hunter-target-challenge-1 bow-hunter-target-challenge-2
Aim at the deer and shoot. The more you hit the deer targets, the more you earn points. To win the maximum points, shoot the farthest deer.

This game is highly exciting and at the same time, it’s extremely challenging. Grab the arrow and bow and improve your hunting skill through a lot of practicing.

You also have to focus on your precision, reflexes and speed.


You will be able to learn a lot about hunting through playing these online hunting games. These games will teach you how to kill a particular sort of animals and what are the best method of hunting them.

These exciting and challenging hunting games were created with Flash; if you don’t have flash player installed on your computer, you can download it free here.

All of these online hunting games have been designed and developed particularly for fans of hunting, and these will help you to turn into an expert shooter in no time. Most of these games are controlled with your mouse; you aim and shoot with a virtual gun directly by moving and clicking the mouse.

Now you don’t need to spend a lot of money on hunting equipment or wait for the right season to come to hit the nearest woods. You can practice your hunting abilities right in your browser.

Grab all the ammunition that you can and start hunting everything as the hunting season has just begun. Be the extreme deer hunter right away! Aim the targets and shoot, obtain the highest score and attempt to beat your top scores!

We wish you lots of fun and experience in these incredible hunting games! Here you can play the hunting season throughout the entire year. Become the best virtual hunter player in the world!

Your hunting season has just officially started.


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