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Game: Duck Hunt

Can you recall the classic NES game? Do you remember the most played and favorite hunting game in which you accompanied by your dog head for the hunting? That simple game where all you need to do is - shooting the highest number of ducks.

This duck hunt game is the remake of that game. You will shoot down the ducks, and your dog will find and pick up those ducks. The more ducks you kill, the more points you earn.

You will be provided with altogether 25 ammo to shoot down the ducks. So, you better use them very wisely and always try not to miss a single shot. You must be very fast in shooting down those ducks as they fly very swiftly in several different directions. Give your best shot and use every bullet much more carefully.

Figure out how strong are your hunting skills and enjoy playing this incredible game. Now it is the time for duck hunting season.

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